Salon Mixing Bowl, Single Color Mixing Bowl w/ Handle


There are a few essentials that every business needs when it comes to hair coloring and beauty supply. Some of these items are large and include things such as clipper, chairs and more. While other such as the salon mixing bowl might be small, yet necessary to get the job done.

This salon mixing bowl is used for mixing powders and chemicals for processing hair. This is an essential tool when you are preparing your own hair color, creams and mixes that you will be using on someone’s hair, especially when a good measurement might be needed. It is a simple and basic mixing bowl, yet great for measuring and of course it is easy to use as well as to handle. And it happens to be one of those small, yet necessary ingredients needed to make the right mix of a good hair color.

Some of the features of the salon mixing bowl include:
* Single black color so you will know what to look for.
* Handle for easy handling.
* Molded pour spout to make pouring your mixture easy.
* Sturdy design that will drop and not break or crack.

And there are benefits to using this salon mixing bowl that include;
* Quicker mixing time thanks to the easy handle.
* One color makes it easy to keep track of.
* Small design for easy storage as well.
* Convenient pour spout so there is no need to worry about a mess.

There are plenty of supplies that might be needed in your business that will compliment this salon mixing bowl. Take a look around and see the other items that might fit your needs. And remember we are always here for all your hair coloring and beauty supply needs, not matter how big or small they may be.

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