Professional Stylist Vest (Bleachproof)


*The All Purpose vest has been made with textured poly/nylon for counltess hours of work behind the chair!

This Vest has been crafted with the highest nylon infused fibers and strengthen with polyinfused thread for extra protection. This secures the cape to last long longer than the average materials on the market.

* A medium weight polyester with a light weight chem treatment for an extra barrier.

*Adjustable loop belt in back helps create the perfect fit for your size!

*Zippered Pockets

*Zipper front


*Sizes: S-XXL

*Bleach Proof, Chem Proof

*Made with water wicking fiber that ESSEL uses to help keep clients dry

*Precision edge. Each cape has a 45 degree edge sewn in to keep the cape from de-threading during washes

*Black Color

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