Hair Frosting cap/Tipping 4 highlighting caps/box


The easiest method around to highlight or frost your hair for the do-it-yourself individual or the professional stylist is the hair frosting cap. While it may remind you of an old fashioned rain bonnet, its use is totally opposite. The rain bonnet keeps your hair dry and protected while the frost or highlighting cap pulls individual hair through well marked spots making the job seem almost effortless.
Features of the Cap
– Used for frosting, tipping, streaking & highlighting hair
– Plastic and disposable
– Double liner prevents seepage of color through the holes
– Blue holes are clearly marked and strategically placed around cap to prevent chunks of color in one spot
– Metal needle resembling a small crochet hook is used to pull hair through the holes
– Reinforced visor to prevent dripping of color into your eyes or on your face
– Excellent for short to medium length hair
– Tight fit of cap means hair pulled through is closer to the scalp and easier to dye
– Possible to do it yourself but having a friend do it is even more fun
– Can do it in the convenience of your own home
– Cost of the procedure can be kept to a minimum doing it at home
– You are in control of how much or how little you want highlighted
Beauty supply products have become more accessible to non-professional stylists in the last few years. Many women and men prefer to go to the salon to get out of the house, for social contact or for whatever reason. Unfortunately, countless people are so busy that they cannot take the time to schedule an appointment with their beautician. Being able to purchase products such as the highlighting cap can make their lives a little more manageable. Whoever invented this beauty cap came up with a fabulous idea.

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