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When doing anything involving hair coloring the last thing you want is to forget something at the beauty supply shop. Hair coloring is an exact and precise process and with the expensive nature of dye and developers it is always a pain to know that you left contents in a tube. The Color Tube Key is the perfect solution to that problem! These tube keys are made of metal, work great on the aluminum tubes commonly found in hair coloring products and reduce mess and waste by considerable amounts.

– Washable for easy clean up
– Sturdy metal construction for longevity
– Easy to use, streamline design

– Allows you to get the most out of each tube of color
– Accurately squeezes out the right amount of color
– Clean, efficient to use reducing mess

The Color Tube key is the perfect tool to have whether you color your hair once in a great while or you work in a salon and use tubes daily. It is ease of use makes it much gentler on hands and fingers then conventionally squeezing the tube by hand and spending a great deal of time to get the most product out. The lack of mess keeps workspace and fingers much cleaner then conventionally hand squeezing the tubes.

Factory made and built to last, these keys are economical and easy on the wallet as well. Their inexpensive nature makes them a great purchase for yourself or anyone you know that does hair coloring of any kind. It cuts preparation time in half by taking the time consuming tube work out of the equation for good. Best of all, they’re reusable. Use it on any tube you have. Next time you’re at the beauty supply for hair coloring products pick one up!

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