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Next time you are in the market for something to aid the process of hair coloring take a peek at this coloring brush. Not only is it stylishly smooth with easy to hold contours but it has a smooth, soft plastic finish. It is sturdy plastic design assures it will hold up to long term use. The long handle makes it easy to hold and maneuver. The narrowed tip doubles as a hair separator, allowing you to make perfect lines for highlights. The brush itself means no more dyed hands or need for multiple gloves throughout the entire process.

The brush itself is easy to clean making cleanup of your work area easy. It reduces mess in your workspace and on yourself or your client. It simplifies the job to make dyeing a pleasurable experience instead of a pain in the butt! This brush can be used for perms, bleaching, highlighting and streaking as well as all over color. This is the perfect tool for multi-function use in your home or salons. It is low price allows you to pick up multiples and not break the bank in the process. From foils and highlights to all over color and solution application this is the brush for you.

– Sturdy plastic construction
– Easy to clean Nylon bristles
– Tapered tip for multi use

– Cuts down on application time
– Easy to use
– Low cost, multi use

This brush is worth the low cost for it is ease of use, ease of cleanup and so much more. Anyone doing any coloring or solutions application in their own hair or someone else should have at least one. Next time you are in the market for beauty supplies make sure you scoop up one or two of these, you would not regret it.

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